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Choosing the best entertainment for your event is a key factor in making it an incredible success! This is why the team at I'M A GIRL D.J. specializes in personalizing your party. We look forward to finding out exactly what you would like so that we can make your party special. We feel that by in taking this approach, we stand out from the rest.

Our Disc Jockey's and Emcees are highly trained professionals in all types of events. Whether it be a WEDDING, BAR-MITZVAH, THEME PARTY, CLASS REUNION, CONVENTION, HOLIDAY PARTY, OR ANY SPECIAL EVENT, I'M A GIRL D.J. is ready to accommodate you with your own personal entertainment package.

We supply state of the art sound systems and a huge variety of music from every era. At any event we can please all ages! We also provide great lighting, Karaoke, and giveaway packages, which makes for an even more exciting atmosphere.

We know how much time and energy goes into planning a party, so we like to take that extra effort to help you in planning your entertainment. Let us take the worries off your hands and make it the best party it can be!

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Hiring a DJ for Your Wedding

More often than not couples hiring a DJ for their wedding find themselves a little overwhelmed. Reason being this is the first time they have taken on a task such as this. There is a lot to learn in a very short period of time. The most important element is to hire entertainment that best suits you and your guests. Typically a professional DJ is booked at least 6 to 8 months in advance but more often than not couples hire the DJ last. Here are some rules of thumb in hiring your entertainment for your upcoming event.

There Are No Do Overs

I have heard so many horror stories from couples who have recently gotten married and are now attending an event as guests. On a regular basis I will have a couple come up to me at my DJ booth and say those famous words. “We just got married and our DJ was awful”. The reasons are always the same and it baffles me that there are DJ’s in my area who just don’t care about their clients. Most likely their motivation is ‘easy money” and don’t really understand the magnitude of their clients very important day.




David and Annalise


Lisa Kasberg…She’s a girl DJ…and so much more.

At the outset of our wedding planning, my then fiancée and I were both dreading the vendor selection process, which we thought would amount to an endlessly tedious exercise in phone calls, emails, interviews, scheduling, rescheduling, confirmations, clarifications, so on and so forth.

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